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Total Body Conditioning

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Challenge yourself and join the HYROX Race "the race for everyone"!


HYROX is a global fitness competition that combines running and functional fitness exercises. You can participate as an individual, in doubles, or as part of a relay team of four. Join our HYROX class to improve your performance each week leading up to the upcoming race. This class includes a variety of exercises, such as running, wall balls, KB Farmers carry, weighted walking lunges, burpee broad jumps, and the use of ski erg and rowing machines as well. These exercises are designed to help you build endurance, strength, and agility, all in preparation for the HYROX Race. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to challenge yourself and push your limits.


Sign up for our HYROX class today and get ready to take on the ultimate fitness challenge! Visit to enter and to find out more.

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