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Our LIFT class follows a progressional program that measures your success and is made accountable by the Train Heroic App. This app allows you to log each class and record your sessions week after week for you to see your progress not only physically but through data!


Including resistance and strength training in your workouts has so many benefits that can improve your health and wellbeing. It can Increase muscle mass, improve bone density, increase metabolism, Improve heart health, reduce stress, improve joint mobility and strength and reduce fat among other things.


In this class we teach you the fundamentals of how to lift correctly and safely for you to then be confident enough to lift more and more weight! You’ll start to see results as you work throughout our structured programs, lifting heavier, with more control and confidence from when you started.


We structure all programs around four major lifts; Squat, Bench, Overheads and the Deadlift. It is a suitable group class  for everyone! We all start somewhere, surprise yourself, learn to train harder than you ever have and reach your strength goals!

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