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Strength & Hypertrophy Training

Build lean muscle, definition and strength. Follow along in our Lower, upper or Full body workout splits and watch your body change physically.

Hypertrophy training allows for increased muscle size or gaining additional lean muscle mass by implementing higher repetition exercise sets. It will make you feel that all important burn, to build bigger and stronger muscles overtime. Our programs are split into 3 different sessions focusing on Upper, Lower and Full body workouts to maximize the opportunity to BUILD as much strength and muscle as you can throughout the week.

This style of training is typically used by both male and female bodybuilders to define, sculpt and tone their physique, but at Output we adapt it to be more accessible to the standard gym goer to, yes still define, sculpt and tone but also to build strength and overall confidence. Stay consistent in this class to see desired results, see and feel your body changing!

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