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 ONLY $680 HKD 


Output Fitness Classes

Let's build strength together! No matter where you are on your fitness journey your coaches and class-mates will help you success.


HIIT style workout

This fun, high energy, high intensity strength and conditioning class that works your whole body using a variety of equipment and exercise. It is designed to enhance your fitness game. Whether you are new to fitness, or a workout warrior, you will be pushed to your MAX! 

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Weightlifting Class

Harness your strength and learn to LIFT! This class follows a progressional program that measures your success.  You will see your results and gains as you work through the weeks, lifting heavier and with more control and technique from when you started. This class is for everyone, we all start somewhere, surprise yourself, learn to train harder, build confidence and reach your strength goals.

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Full Body Toning

Whether you want to get leaner or build strength our build program is designed for both men and women. You will see your body shape change; ladies you will tone-up and see definition. Men you will see your muscles get bigger and your body leaner, both achieving that athletic look.  We split our program into upper and lower body sessions to target specific muscle groups to get the best results.

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Cardio + Resistance Training

Increase your Vo2 Max, improve your heart fitness and burn more calories! With our High intensity resistance training workout. You will be guided through fast paced sets on the Concept 2 rowing machines, body weight and light-weight intervals and the Rogue Assault bikes. The fastest way to get fit, increase aerobic endurance and stamina is a compliment to any training plan. 

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Core Strength & Stabilisation

Train your core and tone your abs! Your core  is not just your six pack it also includes; hips, pelvis, obliques upper and lower back. We will take you through a range of both bodyweight and weighted resistance exercises to gain stability and strength that will not only make you look great, it will help improve your posture, mobility, flexibility and everyday functional movements.

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Outdoor Workouts

A fun, friendly energenic fitness experience with like minded people, who love being outside. This fully equipped class includes circuit training, conditioning and strength training for a whole body workout. If you are looking for a community, with fun people who want to get fit, stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with an iconic back-drop this is for you.

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An Output massage is an essential part of wellness; by taking a little extra time in your day to relax, you will increase your energy, reduce stress and muscle tension, while helping the body repair. 


Our drive and passion is to show the world you do not need to look a certain way, to boost your fitness game. 


Our unique coaching style will give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed. Come and lift your first weight with us, or train hard for you next competition. We promise you will work hard, have fun and reach your goals. 


Output is  motivated by strong hearts, community spirit and progress, that’s why we’ve created a diverse and inclusive program, so you can be the best version of you!


Choose from Group Classes, Personal Training - One on One, Small Group or Team Training, Outdoor Bootcamp AND then recover with a tailor made stretch or massage treatment. 


Your success is our success!

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