Massage; the word alone conjures up an image of scented oils and blissful relaxation but turns out, massage isn’t just a luxury it can also seriously boost your workouts and wellbeing. You spend your time building and toning your muscles to a point of aching. Massage helps to accelerate post workout recovery by relaxing tight muscles enabling you to get back in the gym more quickly. It soothes soreness, alleviates knots and flushes out toxins that contribute to stiffness or pain. Not to mention the effects it has on the mind. Taking time out to unwind with a massage can significantly decrease stress and anxiety. Adding massage into your lifestyle will be something you won’t regret.




Output therapist will arrive with everything you need to enjoy your bespoke or chosen treatment. All you need to do is relax, enjoy some precious time you have now gained, in the comfort of your own home. Let Output take the stress away arriving with professional massage table, luxury towels, natural essential oils including aroma diffuser scents and calming music to fill the air creating a spa atmosphere. 

Fresh Face Facial (30 mins)

A perfect addition to any body treatment

A rejuvenating natural oil facial that will leave you feeling fresh and energised. This facial starts with a beautiful relaxing facial routine followed by a soothing, mind cleansing scalp massage. This facial will help to flush out toxins from the skin, clear the sinus, firm the face and clear the mind. A perfect addition to anybody treatment

The Output Massage  (1hr+)

Relaxation Remedy (1hr +)

Tailor Made Massage (45 Mins)

A full body deep tissue recovery massage; to locate and treat sore tired muscles from exercise. Using deep tissue techniques using homemade massage essential oils to eliminate and soothe tight muscles including stretching specific to your needs.

A full body treatment with your favourite essential oils, to help calm your body and mind. The perfect opportunity to let go and let your worries and tension melt away.

The tailor made massage is exactly that! You tailor the massage to what and where you need it be. Spend 30-60 minutes on a specific area that needs special care to stretch and work out all those knots and aches. It’s as simple as that!

Our ingredients

Natural Massage Oil
We use a blend of 3 natural oils; olive, avocado and grapeseed. Individually the oils have incredible properties and benefits for the skin but when put together they create the perfect texture and base for many essential oils to blend for the ultimate massage oil.

Avocado oil - One of the silkiest and most luxurious oils to use on the skin. Avocados are rich, highly nourishing and are packed full of both vitamins and anti-oxidising agents. It helps to repair and rejuvenate the damaged skin cells  as it is high in Vitamin E also known as skin food.

Olive oil - Using olive oil externally has positive effects on the skin. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, D, E, and K which each has its own respective benefits. It deeply moisturises and protects the skin from free radicals and bacteria.

Lavender - is the most commonly used essential oil used for massage and rightly so. Apart from its beautiful scent, lavender has benefits for both the skin and the mind. It is known to have anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can ease skin rashes, burns and insect bites. The oil is suitable for sensitive skin and  can be used directly on the skin for treatment or mixed with base oils or lotions which is why most skin care lines use it. This aromatherapy oil is also known to help calm and relax the mind which can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression and some sleep disorders. A perfect addition for our mas

Grapeseed -