Fitness is and should be a vital part of your lifestyle. Here are only some of the benefits of introducing or sustaining fitness and exercise in your lifestyle: It improves mobility, builds muscle, reduces fat and helps everyday functional movement. That’s the bare minimum! Be the one who takes control, don’t let life grind you to a halt, you are already halfway there -  next step - take the plunge to a better you.



Our trainers look at the “whole you” and will create a program specifically for your fitness goals. These goals have our full attention and we’ll get you there. Whether it be short or long term we will deliver the best possible OutPut for you.



Beat the Gym & Get fit OutDoors!


Join us with our specialty small group training and get motivation not only from your trainer but from your workout buddies. Its just as personal, you’ll get just as fit but you’ll be doing it with your friends. We pride ourselves on flexibility, we’ll make it easy. We come to you or you choose your location either indoors or outside with our completely mobile and fully equipped personal training services. Chat with us and we will find a system that suits you.


Every season clubs and teams are looking for ways in which they can gain that ‘extra edge’ over their competitors. At Output we proved sports specific, tailored Strength and Conditioning programmes for a variety of sports to give you this edge. A few of our previous group training sessions have been for Dragon Boating, Outrigging and Canoeing. We also offer a variety of additional support options. These include team training, online support, personal one to one sessions, and small group training to ensure your team is competition ready!

Established  2018