At OutPut Fitness we take your health seriously and we put safety first! We know that working out is essential to keep fit and manage stress. So we've put every precaution in place, so that you don't have to worry. Our gym is thoroughly scrubbed and sanitised after each use! All you have to do is sanitise those hand, wear a mask, and move that body! 


  •  Staff Are Fully Vaccinated 

  • Staff Are Government COVID Tested Every Week

  • Leave Home Safe App Implemented 

  • Temperature Checks Before Each Class 

  • Multiple Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispensers Available

  • Sanitising spray & wipes Available

  • Gym Equipment Cleaned Before and After Each Class

  • Hands Free Filtered Water Machine

  •  UV-C Light Surface and Airborne germs 

  • UV-C Light Mobile Phone Sanitising Box

Stay Safe With OutPut Fitness