Total Body Conditioning

This fun, high energy strength and conditioning class works your whole body and is made to enhance your fitness game. It will leave you feeling confident and exhilarated by using a variety of equipment and exercises. Whether you are new to fitness, or a workout warrior, you will be pushed to your MAX!  


Resistance Strength Training

Build lean muscle mass, strip fat, define and sculpt an impressive physique. This strength building class will allow you to train harder and more efficiently to produce your desired results through our well structured programs. Our trainers will guide you through upbeat training splits both upper, lower and full body workouts to get your best ever bod! This class will have you feeling strong and looking toned in no time!



Strength & Technique

This class follows a progressional program that will improve coordination, stability, control and technique in all major lifts. Realise your potential and reach your strength goals in a fun environment that shows you exactly how it’s done! Feel the joy in hitting those PB’s! 


Work on Squats, Bench and Deadlifts; including conventional, other variations of the lifts and accessories that compliment them. Persistence is key to gaining long term strength, stick with it and your confidence will skyrocket!

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A great HIIT/Cardio class for total body conditioning. It includes  Bodyweight and resistance training alongside our Concept 2 rowing machines and Rogue Assault bikes to increase your Vo2 Max and that all important calorie burn. This combination workout will leave your heart healthy and muscles pumped. This class focuses on aerobic endurance, strength and stamina, meaning you’ll get better with time! So don’t worry if you’re new to the game, just come on down and enjoy the ride.



A fun, friendly fitness experience right at our beautiful city harbourfront in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. This class includes circuit training, high intensity conditioning and strength training all in one fully equipped outdoor bootcamp. Meet like minded people interested in getting fit, keeping fit and having fun while doing it! This iconic class takes you outside to enjoy all of Hong Kong  and an epic skyline as your backdrop. Suitable for all fitness levels, this energetic class offers a wide variety of equipment to suit your abilities. 


 Strength & Stabilisation

This Core class will enable you to better stabilize your body, not only while lifting weights but in everyday activities. Having a strong core will improve posture, mobility, flexibility, functional movement and will aid in preventing injuries. It will also allow for better technique and form to perform exercises correctly to their full potential. Work on strengthening upper and lower abs, obliques, upper and lower back to fully train and control your core!


 Strength & Conditioning

This one of a kind high intensity full body workout will take you through your paces with challenging stations both in and out of the gym. Have fun with a variety of equipment and experience this cool new combination class. Unique to Output this is like no other class, as we take advantage of our incredible urban location. That includes training in our gym and on our doorstep! Let’s break down barriers and push it to the limit!