Our OutPut Outdoors classes, are designed to suit every fitness level. We pride ourselves on our diverse and engaging sessions, no workout is ever the same. It doesn't matter whether you’re training for a specific strength goal, or simply aiming to lose weight, we can provide you the tools and the motivation to achieve your healthy goals. 


We provide all the necessary equipment, in a variety of weights, to challenge you at your chosen level! With two trainers present at each session, you are guaranteed to have a heart pumping and energising workout. You will receive clear instruction and encouraging guidance, to help you increase muscular strength, burn fat and transform your body shape. 


Come along to a session and enjoy the amazing Hong Kong landscape as a backdrop for your invigorating workout. We are an inclusive active community, that serves to uplift our clients in a fun and friendly group setting. 

We encourage the use of reusable water bottles!

Established  2018